Common Ground EP

by Alignments

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released February 16, 2014

All recording, mixing and mastering done by:

Album artwork done by:



all rights reserved


Alignments Newcastle, Australia

Heavy Hardcore band from Newcastle, NSW.

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Track Name: Deterrent
This time, I will not be taken for granted,
Pushed to the side abandoned,
In your face I see the lies,
I know we're just, wasting our time,
There is no hope for us,
We need to let this be,
I will not stray, from my hope or my dreams,
I'm done with your negativity.

You just sink, like a rock,
In the ocean of your own, personal greed,
You can't see past your own reality,
This is my fucking life, just let go of me,
This is the life I lead,
Either be with me or set me free.

Not for you, I only,
Live for me, I won't succumb,
Too my knees,
No defeat.

Got nothing to prove to you,
Or anybody else,
I'll live my life my way, for nobody else,
I have all I need, never needed you,
Change it with the tide of, your point of view.

This time, will not be,
I'll break away from you,
From this.
Track Name: Cast Aside
I'll bury this weight upon my chest,
Cast negative feelings, aside,
Put life to the test,
I won't look back.

As I stare out into the horizon,
These fears are chasing me,
I'll run as fast as I can,
It will never get a hold of me.

I'll hold my own,
I won't fall apart,
Disgraced, enraged,
Fight to find the heart.

As I stare out into the horizon,
These fears are chasing me,
I'll run as fast as I can,
it will never get a hold of me.

Dying to be free,
In this life of greed,
Struggle to find your feet,
Set it free.
Track Name: Hate
Hate is all I see, it's all i have left,
It fills this empty void,
You tore out my fucking chest,
Never will I let you, live this down,
You're doomed, you're fucked,
It's my time now, I'm calling you out,
There's nothing you can do,
Hide from my rage, you're the one I blame.

Fake as fuck, now I make you pay,
The fuck, out my way.

Your lies, they swarm, my mind.

This is it, it's time,
I will not compromise,
Cold revenge, is as close as it will ever be,
You'll soon fucking see,
You can't run from me,
You'll soon fucking see, the hate that hides in me.

Set to strike with a will so cold,
I'll bring you down, destroy your fucking world,
I'm watching you drown.

Nothing to me, dead,
You are fucked.
Track Name: Below the Belt
Face the fucking truth,
Confront the facts,
Erase the past,
Turn my back,

No escape,
Determined fate,
Set it straight,
No promise, no truth,
Fuck your lies, I see straight through,
On thing's for sure, we don't need you,
Draw the line, you're fucking through.

Now it's time, to set right from the wrong,
I have the true by my side, it's all I fucking need,
Standing proud and strong,
There's nothing you can do to me,
That will bring me down,
I'm above you in all aspects,
it's you who's fucking drowned.
Track Name: Common Ground
Is this what it means to be alive,
A closer look at what's inside,
Through it all, we will stand by your side,
Amongst the hardest times, we will survive.

You wear it all on your chin,
Your self doubt, your fucking enemy,
But I will not turn and look the other way,
While you fall down to your knees,
On a downward spiral, just giving in,
Pick your head up, put your feet on the ground.

Your fucking downfall, won't be your demise.

Cast away your negativity, stand strong and proud,
Don't let this world get the best of you,
Stand your ground,
Knowing this is all we have, in times like these,
Regain integrity, learn from your mistakes.

Fuck everything, that is standing in your way,
Overcome to see beyond all of your mistakes that were ever made,
No regrets, no shame,
Learn from those choices made,
Overcome it all, to get back up again,
You will see better days.

Crush you selfish ways and burn it to the fucking ground,
Crush it all.